“The old economy of greed and domination is dying. A new economy of life and partnership is struggling to be born. The outcome is ours to choose”. 

― David Korten. Author, prominent critic of corporate globalisation.

Please watch this short video

If you have no problem with the vision of a near future that it paints then maybe this website and its core message will be of no interest to you. If, on the other hand, it horrifies you, then welcome to ‘La Résistance’.

That core message is that over a period of decades we have experienced a slow erosion of choice through a process of globalisation and insidious social engineering that has seen corporations increasingly dominate every aspect of our lives. The prospect of shops like the one in the video up and down what is left of our high streets is just one more piece in the jigsaw of mission creep. 

First, we had chain stores and franchises, then out-of-town complexes and of course supermarkets, then internet shopping, all superficially alluring and convenient, all sold to us as ‘progress’ and ‘inevitable’. Increasingly there is relentless pressure that our every purchase must be digital on our obligatory electronic device. It would seem that our every transaction must be tracked and monitored through unasked-for algorithms that seek to manipulate our decision-making. How long before our decisions must be approved?

Throughout this process the rich diversity and individuality of our shopping destinations and town centers has been depleted, their role as places of community engagement undermined. Where once every community had a vibrant range of local small independent businesses now our high streets are homogenous and soulless by comparison. Sadly, all the evidence points to the inescapable conclusion that instruments of state supposedly acting on our behalf have long since been captured by corporate interests.

And now we have the prospect of the end of cash, replaced by a central bank digital currency where literally our every transaction will be digital removing all choice and by extension our capacity to oppose such a dystopian prospect.

The sense is of an acceleration toward an endgame beyond which our opportunity to choose a different path will be gone forever. It’s like we are in a race to choose our future. Maybe we are. Maybe the acceleration is entirely because we are waking up to the full magnitude of this technological nightmare in our droves, and rejecting it in favour of something far more human.

The question is, when & where will it all end? Our conviction is, when we say so.

So if we do reject it, what are our alternatives? 

The good news is the window of opportunity is still open. We do still have choice. The good news is communities are responding with huge imagination, manifesting in numerous initiatives.

What all these initiatives have in common is that they are all grassroots bottom up, spontaneously inspired by individuals and groups from within community. From every corner of our country and beyond innovative models are emerging, forging a social and economic rebirth that promises to bring our streets back to life as well as protect important heritage and traditions. Ordinary folk are rediscovering their voice and re-energizing a participatory form of democracy by insisting on being active contributors to decisions that impact directly upon their lives where they live. 

Chrysalis Commons Earth is proud to be one part of this turning of the tide, driven by a conviction that collectively we can come together to build something far more holistic and mutually supportive that values us as so much more than simply units of production and consumption, all pitted against each other in some relentless survival of the fittest battle for survival within a market system.

Our vision comprehends that a belief in infinite growth on a finite planet and an obsession with GDP is the economics of the asylum.  Our conviction is that our planet provides a natural abundance, and that so much so-called ‘scarcity’ is in fact artificially manufactured in order to extract a profit. It’s a vision that embraces such concepts as the gift or the sharing economy. It’s a vision to be determined by the many as opposed to dictated by the few.

As an integral part of this movement we see a renaissance and a resurgence of the independent business sector where these businesses are a cornerstone of each community, happy to ‘give back’ to those upon whom they depend, hence our virtuous loop of local shoppers, supporting local independent businesses, helping to fund local projects and good causes, chosen by members of the community shopping locally.

At its heart, our vision rejects globalisation in favour of localism.

When you search our growing directory of businesses ‘inside the Chrysalis’, you will find no corporates. We will not be approaching them to join. If they should happen to not understand, and approach us to join, the answer will be an emphatic no.

Unlike global corporations we do not have a budget of billions to promote and advance our vision, but what we do have we believe is a message whose time has come, a message that will resonate with a sizable and growing number of people.

If you are indeed one of those people, then welcome to our cause. The great news is we can all play our part to contribute to the transformation we would choose to see ‘inside the Chrysalis’.

Our dedicated social media component is where we invite you to come together to play your part in this participatory evolution.