Chrysalis Cash Flow Companion

There is really only one way to address cash flow crunches,
and it’s planning so you can prevent them in advance.

—Elaine Pofeldt, writer, editor, and author of The Million-Dollar, One Person Business

Cash Flow Companion

If I owe you £2.00 and you owe me £1.00 and neither of us settles our debt, we both have a cash flow problem, but if we cancel out our respective debts, meaning I owe you £1.00 and I settle up, you have a positive cash balance of £1.00 and I’m debt free.

To achieve this mutually beneficial outcome, I only need £1.00 to get out of debt, you need nothing.

Neither of us needs a bank!.

The purpose of Chrysalis Cash Flow Companion is to facilitate this debt-canceling function between members of our independent business directory in order to further extend cooperation and collaboration and to reduce dependency on the banking sector.

Member Businesses

Member businesses can enter outstanding invoices and our software will search for debts that can be canceled out, exactly like in the above simple example but extended across multiple businesses.

You do not need to know all the members or to deal directly with all of them, but indirectly we can find debt and cancel it out benefiting everyone, reducing collective debt and aiding cash flow, the lifeblood of any business,

The more businesses involved the more likely we are to find debt we can cancel or reduce.

If you would like to join our initial trial period, or you simply want someone to pop by to discuss, Let us know.

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