― Wendell Berry - novelist, poet, essayist, environmental activist, cultural critic, farmer.

Why Local Projects?

Up and down our country and beyond there is a resurgence of local activity where ordinary folk are stepping up to fill the void left by a failing state and a market system captured by corporations that suck wealth from communities.  

In increasing numbers we are waking up to the realisation that our reliance on these two top-down instruments of control has left us overly dependent and by extension  vulnerable. It is a realisation that out trust has been misplaced, and that we must take care of ourselves. More importantly we must take care of each other.

For too long now we have been conditioned to be unquestioning of the dominant economic system, but our mass consumer culture is losing its appeal, especially as we become increasingly aware of just how destructive and unsustainable it is.

Meanwhile, our so-called representative government and government opposition seem far more inclined to represent the interests of global corporations, big banks, and of course themselves. Our mass mainstream media, owned by the aforementioned corporations, serves only to perpetuate the narrative.

We are realizing the price we have paid for our misplaced trust was never worth it. We have abdicated from our own responsibility and sacrificed the skills of collective autonomy. For many right now fear has taken hold, self-interest seems the only defense, empathy and connection have been sacrificed.

And now the system that we have relied upon for so long is starting to unravel or be intentionally dismantled. In an accelerating age of AI & robotics less and less of us will be needed to work the machines or fill in the paperwork!

Against this backdrop, a grassroots movement is taking shape. The mission of Chrysalis Commons Earth is to be at the vanguard of this movement.

We believe it has the potential to build a new resurgent economy where a diversity of locally rooted grassroots economic and social projects can provide the basis for a viable democratic alternative to the dominant order, a new civic commons, a world that is sustainable, just, compassionate, and healthy.

The purpose of our Project Directory is to map these projects, to raise awareness of what is happening within your community, wherever you may live.

Whilst we are where we are, funding remains important, hence our core mechanism of local businesses donating to local projects as a thank you to local shoppers, In addition, we will be exploring numerous other fundraising initiatives, not least of all DSSE, Do Something for Someone Else (pronounced DIZZY). All donations will be collated and made in a local currency (Chrysalis Coin) that can then only be spent back with the local businesses, highlighted within our business directory.

It is our conviction however, that money will become less and less important as this alternative economy develops. It is the active involvement of more and more community members over time that has the potential to manifest the real transformation in human consciousness that we seek.

Our social media component is where we invite you to come together to play your part in this participatory evolution.