"There is nothing in a caterpillar, that tells you it's going to be a butterfly."

Richard Buckminster Fuller

Chrysalis Commons Earth Vision

Our vision is to harness the full potential of neighbours and of neighbourhoods, to embrace our innate capacity to cooperate, collaborate, and co-create thriving tight knit sharing localities that are sustainable, resilient, and equitable.

With or without Chrysalis Commons Earth, bottom up networks driving decisions are emerging and challenging the traditional hierarchies and institutions of control.

There can be no commons without commoning, and it is commoning that provides a credible alternative vision to the one of growth and consumerism foisted upon us by global corporations, a complicit state, and central banking.

We believe that a grassroots response is our best hope to address the multiple challenges that we face, including environmental degradation, resource wars, an increasingly intrusive state, and obscene levels of wealth inequality.

Every one of us can decide to move into The Chrysalis where we can all play our part in evolving into a new paradigm, or maybe rediscover an old one that we left behind in error.

Welcome/Welcome back to Agora, our online and real-world gateway to all that is happening in your locality, and your invitation to participate in helping to create more caring, more inclusive, more vibrant places to live. Please add your profile. It's not essential in order to explore, but if you have decided to join, please, let's get to know each other.
Please check back often to this message as we will use it to update on our progress, ideally as a result of feedback & suggestions from the membership. This is a platform designed to facilitate collaboration & cooperation. Your contribution is highly valued & encouraged at every turn.
From within our member's area you can explore all our directories, also accessible to non-members, but here you can actively engage.
If you have something that you would like to add to a directory please enter your details as appropriate for us to upload.
Each project has an associated group, again for you to actively engage with as you decide. If it's your chosen project to support when shopping, you may decide that you want to get involved in other ways in order to help.
We are also adding discussion groups/topics of interest. You are welcome to join wherever you may be in the UK, but the aim is to share the best most positive stuff so that we can all work together to implement wherever we may be with the friends we have made locally via our shared platform.
Chrysalis is a grassroots bottom-up initiative focused on transformation in the spirit of the caterpillar to the butterfly.

Note: Make sure to have a completed profile for better experiencce.